Visioning & Futurescaping

Futurescaping is the ultimate alchemy of changing vision into action

“Futurescaping involves alchemy, magic, comedy, imagination, intuition, clustering, spinning and what we call re-mixing, well before we create the scenarios, simulation and visualization that leave our audience in awe”

– Derek Woodgate – Future Frequencies, 2004

In our experience R&D knows how to evolve products and technology, internal strategists are great at creating a typical five year plan of more of the same but bigger, not necessarily more adventurous. This is hardly surprising given the results of a 1999 survey of 1000 CEOs which found that executives spend 95% of their time on today and only 5% on the future.

Given the premise that most winning ideas are found outside of the industry, we use a “Wide angled lens” approach which studies not just the category and market in question, but also the future of likely future touch points.

Visioning is generally defined as seeing the desirable over the possible, but we think that it is more about seeing the seemingly invisible. Hacking examples from unknown space, hijacking unexpected signals, drawing from the unthinkable, opening the gateways, trigger hunting, listening for missing colors, disruption, seeing the void, creating hybrids and new paradigms. Getting to a point where you can choose the future you so desire.

Then, through Futurescaping – we work with our clients to turn the vision into winning strategies. Creating vision scenarios that others don’t see, until they are the new market and you are the only company playing in it.

The Futures Lab, Inc.

391 17th Street NW,
Unit 3011
Atlanta, GA 30363, USA

1-678 595 3302
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