Future Frequencies is an in-depth examination of the six-stage futures studies process that author Derek Woodgate and his colleague, Wayne Pethrick, have developed.  Derek, a futurist, is a longtime admirer and student of and writer about progressive culture. Future Frequencies demonstrates how innovative approaches in progressive culture can stimulate revolutionary thinking in each stage of the futures studies process.

In addition to providing an insight into Derek’s distinctive and highly successful approach to creating future potential and opportunities for business and institutional clients plus individuals, the book offers insightful explications of some of the most extraordinary and provocative cultural figures currently working. In so doing, it identifies their potential broader influence on society’s future.

The book is broken down into six chapters that follow a unique futures studies process: FutureFraming, FuturePulsing, FutureMapping, FutureScaping, FutureTuning, and FutureFabbing.

Among the many artists and works analyzed in the book are: Thurston Moore, DJ Spooky, Diamanda Galas, Gareth Branwyn, Stelarc, Bruce Sterling, Johnny Depp, Alexander Shulgin, Orlan, Stephen Vitiello, Mark Dery, Critical Art Ensemble, Nels Cline, Alex Grey, Cory Doctorow, Julie Shiels.

These analyses elucidate such aspects of Derek’s process as the manifestation and capitalization of multiple personalities, breaking down traditional thinking, leveraging emerging thoughtware, implementing unexpected sources and tools, connecting disparate entities and worlds and discovering critical impact points and drivers in unexpected possibility spaces, all in order to create revolutionary futures perspectives, contexts and visions.

Future Frequencies looks at the role and impact of both mainstream and radical influencers and influences; the taste maker and how they use chaos to shake up the status quo; the power of street culture from hip-hop and spoken word to game cheats and x-treme sports; and various ways to amplify audience perception and traction.

The book appeals to anyone interested in how futurists juggle ideas and insights and apply their thinking in the world of business. The concepts described in the book also inform, entertain and intrigue those interested in progressive culture.

Case studies are used throughout the book to illustrate the thinking and the potential results.

Praise for  Future Frequencies

“The creative bridging of progressive culture’s provocative thinking and practical business innovations reflects the genius of Future Frequencies.”

– Oliver W. Markley, author, 21st Century Earth

“Future Frequencies gives us peek into the future while adding an important new approach to understanding the future in general.”

– Dr. Peter Bishop, Chair, Studies of the Future, UHCL

“Derek is a disciplined futurist whose visions of tomorrow are firmly grounded in practical realities. I take him most seriously.”

– Jon Lebkowsky, CEO, Plutopia Productions/EFF-Austin

“This is the first really new book about a different way to look at the future in quite some time. It’s creative and original. And, it offers the potential of a methodology to stimulate non-linear thinking that could lead t9 breakthroughs.”

– Paul Schumann, Innovation Roadmap Magazine

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