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Founded at the end of 1996, The Futures Lab Inc., is an international foresight consultancy with its main offices in the USA and UAE and a network of subsidiaries and partners in UK, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico, plus an extensive global network of experts from business, universities, the arts, government institutions and the street.
PlanetPlay future vision
PlanetPlay future vision
The Futures Lab, Inc. together with UK-based music marketing and management guru, Karl Nielsonr recently worked on a future vision project for Sphaira Innovation, the Swiss-owned parent company of PlanetPlay. PlanetPlay is the first climate-conscious game marketplace, that enables gamers to reduce carbon emissions while playing. The project resulted in a future brand visioning component while PmatPlay is embarking on an eco-friendly metaverse, a major relationship with Avakim Life. and music deals with leading world artists.
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