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Keynoting at the T-Systems "Building the Digital Future" Symposium (Budapest, 2017)
Keynoting at the T-Systems
Excited. We are off to Budapest as Derek will be keynoting at the T-Systems "Building the Digital Future" Symposium and making separate presentations to technology students and employees.

An event with almost 5 years of history can be righteously called a traditional event. In recent years T-Systems Hungary’s whole-day professional conference, with almost 2000 visitors, has become the most representative event in the info-communication sector.

The biggest whole-day event of the ICT industry, the T-Systems Symposium, will be organized for the sixth time this year. The focus of this year's event is digital future. The presentations will give you insight into smart solutions that set stage for all aspects of our future lives.

In the plenary morning session the panelists will elaborate how the digital future will look like and what social, cultural, business and economic impact it will have from a technological point of view. Let us highlight one of our key presentations to be delivered by Derek Woodgate, Chief Futurist, who will focus on the human side of digitalization. The roundtable discussion is a new elements of this year’s Symposium that will explore the economic and social impact of artificial intelligence from a human, technical, security and financial point of view.

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