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Founded at the end of 1996, The Futures Lab Inc., is an international foresight consultancy with its main offices in the USA and UAE and a network of subsidiaries and partners in UK, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico, plus an extensive global network of experts from business, universities, the arts, government institutions and the street.
Future Rhythms at the WFSF XXV World Conference
Future Rhythms at the WFSF XXV World Conference
Future Rhythms will rock Paris on 25th October 2023 between 11 am and 1 pm. Dr. Derek Woodgate along with five fellow futurists will discuss the Future of Becomings. Dr Woodgate will give a sneak preview of his book, Future Rhythms, which will be launched in Spring from Fringecore Publishing. Building off previous works Future Frequencies (2004, ISBN: D-9707104-0-2) and Future Flow (2012 ISBN:O-970104-1-0 ), this book again uses insights from progressive culture to demonstrate the power of decentralized thinking for creating discontinuous futures. Future Rhythms shifts the emphasis by centering on progressive culture’s quest to explode our current articulations of concepts such as objects and artefacts, values, archetypes, identity, anchors, aesthetics and humanness. In doing so, it studies how clandestine research and experimentation in the shadows of DIY science and progressive culture influence future societal change.
Research member of the Future Learning Lab at University of Agder
Founder member of the Association of Professional Futurists
Member of the World Futures Studies Federation