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Founded at the end of 1996, The Futures Lab Inc., is an international foresight consultancy with its main offices in the USA and UAE and a network of subsidiaries and partners in UK, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico, plus an extensive global network of experts from business, universities, the arts, government institutions and the street.
Frontline Panels
Frontline Panels
Recently, The Futures Lab, Inc. conducted its 180th client panel of multidisciplined experts under the umbrella of our Frontline Panels program, which is one of the most celebrated skills within The Futures Lab Inc.’s artillery. This particular Frontline Panel was part of a future vision project for Swiss-owned PlanetPlay, an eco-friendly gaming metaverse. Over the years, the majority of the panels have been in-person, but we also add in-depth interviews with future-centric revolutionary thinkers and global experts. The format provides a provocative approach to open new gateways and explore ideas in a more radical manner aimed at hijacking unexpected signals and breakthrough concepts rather than the incremental thinking often associated with more typical expert panels or in-house discussion.

Each panel consists of an eclectic group of 8-10 leading transdisciplinary future-thinkers and creators. They are conducted as panels mainly as an element of our large-scale futures consulting projects, but also as stand-alone ventures. Spanning the past 27 years the panels have involved the broadest possible range of topics and nearly a thousand experts from our global network, which includes inventors, academics, technologists and scientists, media personalities, social engineers and stars of entertainment, designers, leading businessmen and economists, sci fi writers, filmmakers, philosophers and the street savvy geniuses as well as rising creative stars in our community.

It should come of no surprise that our panels provide us with an array of start points for the development of paradigm-shifting concepts, perspectives and insights which are enrichened by the direct experience and knowledge of the experts. The panel is usually introduced about halfway through a project when alternative futures frameworks, novelty and context are already articulated. The outcomes provide transformational platforms for further inventive remixing of the futures concepts into scenarios using our broad range of experiential and experimental creative techniques.

The panels have been described by participants as “disruption on the frontline” - far more stimulating than the typical brainstorming session or futures literacy lab, which of course are also part of our toolkit. Yet they are richer than conversations alone and involve working with futuristic artifacts, design concepts, abstract thinking tools and even ideas from magic and humor. When at all possible, we choose to host our panels in inspirational, creative venues such as art galleries, photographic studios, futuristic buildings and hip clubs, from London to New York, Beijing to Sao Paulo. If our panelists and locations are progressive, it goes without saying that so too are our discussions. However, to optimize this type of alternative approach, we feel that it is also essential that we live on the frontline, to experience as closely as possible, the rhythms, dimensions, and spirit of change.

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