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Founded at the end of 1996, The Futures Lab Inc., is an international foresight consultancy with its main offices in the USA and UAE and a network of subsidiaries and partners in UK, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico, plus an extensive global network of experts from business, universities, the arts, government institutions and the street.
Cityscape Global in Riyadh
Cityscape Global in Riyadh
Our President, Dr. Derek Woodgate will be presenting a keynote at Cityscape Global in Riyadh next week on "Leveraging emerging technologies to enhance city liveability and belongingness", as well as hosting a fireside chat at the NEOM Future of Living Summit | 10th September, 14:45 – 15:10 on Trends in Urban Governance: Aligning Initiatives with Evolving City Strategies with Lord Gavin Barwell, Former British Minister of State for Housing and Planning, and Former Chief of Staff to the British Prime Minister Anna Koning Jerlmyr, Former Mayor Stockholm recognized as the “smartest city in the world” under her leadership in 2019.
Research member of the Future Learning Lab at University of Agder
Founder member of the Association of Professional Futurists
Member of the World Futures Studies Federation