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Founded at the end of 1996, The Futures Lab Inc., is an international foresight consultancy with its main offices in the USA and Croatia and a network of subsidiaries and partners in UK, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico, plus an extensive global network of experts from business, universities, the arts, government institutions and the street.
News on Media coverage
  • Sharjah Police

    Our President, Derek Woodgate met with the Commander of the Sharjah Police, His Excellency General Saif Al-Zari Al-Shamsi and Colonel Tariq Al-Mufan. To discuss strategy and performance development and the future of security, post-scenario and the Forces’ Readiness Award launched unde the sponsorship of His Highness Sheik Sultan bin Mohammad bin Sultan Al-Aasimi, Crown Prince Deputy Governor of Sharjah.

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  • The role of futures Studies in UAE

    In June 2022 Derek met with Atraf Shehab, Chief Executive Officer - Centennial Lab - Prime Minister Office and Fatma AlBastaki from the Government Development and Future Office, led by H.E. Ohood AlRoumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future to discuss the future of UAE and the role of futures Studies.

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  • Human Futures interview

    Derek Woodgate was interviewed by Claire Nelson in the futures journal Human Futures on the future of education, future learning technologies, transdisciplinary courses and learning, and other critical topics related to future societies and generations.

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  • <a href=”https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/futurepod/id1446199958">EP 108: Think like a DJ - Derek Woodgate at FuturePod<a/> “Derek is the President and Chief Futurist of The Futures Lab. Derek writes and speaks on a range of futures topics, particularly those relating to the impacts of future technologies on transformative societies, security and intelligent environments, policing, smart city development, future lifestyles and the changing human and the future of work.”

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  • Futures Studies at the University of Dubai

    February 26th, 2020 was the official inauguration of the Center for Futures Studies at the University of Dubai, Our President and Chief Futurist was elected to Executive Board and will be part of the faculty from the Fall 2020.

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  • TFL project for Ford in the 2000's is published

    This came out of one of the projects TFL worked on with Ford a decade or so ago. Still waiting to see an update on that amazing seat we developed and windshield concepts. Some of the adaptive driving concepts we developed have already been adopted.

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  • Go Green magazin interview

    December 2018, Get Energy On-line Magazine Go Green published in Budapest Hungary leads with a 5-page interview with The Futures Lab’s Derek Woodgate and Helga Veigl about the company’s process, projects and work related to the future of energy and green technologies.

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  • UAE's Deputy Prime Minister with our President Derek Woodgate

    From UAE’s National newspaper of 25th September 2018. Reporting on security conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our President Derek Woodgate with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of UAE-His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

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  • Artificial Intelligence: What does the future have for us at stake? (T-Systems/Deutsche Telekom interview)

    A new year’s start gives often ground for contemplation. What does the future have for us in stake? The future exceeds our command; it slips our grip. However, artificial intelligence and its impact on our society often ignite our astonishment. With artificial intelligence, some of us feel at the eve of a “Cambrian explosion“, the dawn of a new biodiversity, to put it into Derek Woodgate’s words, a futurist who actually teaches future studies in Universities. What is its source of risk and allure? The unknown will answer back with whatever we call into it…

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  • TFL on CNTV
    TFL on CNTV

    Our President, Derek Woodgate gave a 20 minute interview for CNTV on TFL’s involvement in the creation and development of the Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON-AGG 2017 in Las Vegas. He also talked about the show production and future learning for show producers.

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