Derek Woodgate to keynote at the Future Police Conference in Abu Dhabi in the UAE in November

Our president, Derek Woodgate is off to Norway next week to teach the future of mobile learning and then off to Abu Dhabi in the UAE in early November to keynote at the Future Police Technology Conference. Really looking forward to the challenge!

Derek Woodgate’s presentation at the Laeringsfestivalen in Trondheim, Norway

The Near Future of Smart Roads

Derek Woodgate’s interview with Smart Industry

“Smart roads are able to work within a connected infrastructure network that will improve overall transit of goods and people. Smart roads can provide drivers with warnings and information regarding hazards, such as ice. They can provide lane-flexibility to reduce traffic congestion or provide segmented sections by drive or vehicle type. And smart roads can provide data on driver performance, traffic flow and so much more.” Derek Woodgate

Cyborg Fashion

Cyborg Fashion

Cyborg fashion

A piece from Derek Woodgate’s Future Flow

A critical aspect to this cyborg story is how will they interface, compete, relate, communicate, with and experience non-cyborgs. Especially as society moves into realms of gender-modalities (the post-sexual body), hybrids (the unruly body) or  even mutations (the monster body), in times, when the balance shifts from external modulation to fully internal redesign. It raises questions of cyborg rights and identity versus human values, which will hopefully become integrated, before the next transhumanist battleground erupts.


TFL opens office in Rijeka, Croatia

We are very pleased to introduce our new office in Rijeka, Croatia. The office will run under the leadership of Futurist Helga Veigl who will be responsible for the continuing development of our European foresight consulting business, and where necessary liaise through our sister company in London, Your Future (London). It will take the lead on projects both for our main company, The Futures Lab, Inc. and its subsidiary, the FutureXperience Lab.

The Futures Lab, Inc is a world-renowned foresight consultancy, founded in 1996 in Antwerp, Belgium and London. In view of the sudden growth in the US and global business at the time, the head office moved to Austin, TX, USA in 2000, and subsequently to Atlanta, GA in 2010. Between 2000 and today, The Futures Lab, Inc has increased its global coverage through a network of offices and partners in London, Beijing, Mexico City, Santiago (Chile), Tokyo and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

We consider ourselves to be in the future potential business. We use a unique six-stage foresight process to create the future for leading companies, institutions and associations around the globe. Our clients have included Microsoft, Intel, Kellogg’s, Ford, Nissan, Philips, Fiat, Shell, Coca Cola, MTV, AKZO-Nobel, Nestle, Henkel, GSK, Clear Channel, Hugo Boss, Intercontinental Hotels, Nokia, AEM, IAEE, etc. The client endorsements on our website speak for themselves. We are best known for creating revolutionary futures that successfully leverage discontinuous change and its unexpected opportunities. We are staffed with practicing futurists, strategists and technologists, with deep rooted relationships with leading universities and a network of industry experts and forward-thinkers. We are members of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Our subsidiary, the FutureXperience Lab was formed 11 years ago in Austin, TX and has created “living the future” events for organizations as varied as Intel and AEM as well as large-scale experiential events for SXSW and conferences at leading universities.

We believe that our European business will be better served by having a European base and we look forward to having an opportunity to discuss how we can take your operations into a highly successful and profitable future.

The Future Xperience Lab

As part of the celebration of The Futures Lab’s 20th anniversary last year, we decided to revamp our “living the future” events division to include new approaches to fully immersive/interactive experiences.  In doing so, we changed our name from FEEL (Future Events and Entertainment Lab) to the Future Xperience Lab (  This has meant that our focus is firmly on connecting our foresight expertise with our “living the future” events experience, specifically the creation, theming, experiential design and curation aspects, rather than full production.

Accordingly, we have expanded both our foresight capabilities as well as our experiential design and technology team. This was no more evident than the work we did for AEM over the past couple of years in undertaking a robust study for the Future of the Construction industry, which became the blueprint for the Future Tech Experience at CONEXPO CON-AGG in Vegas in March 2017.Our experiential design and technology team also designed and delivered interactive experiences for that event.

Our goal through our foresight programs and “living the future” events is to bring the future to life and to demonstrate the positive endeavors, inventions and creativity that are helping build a future for the benefit of mankind. Through direct exposure and encounter with the emerging future, participants avail their fears and open up their dreams.


Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education and Learning Sciences

Derek Woodgate’s joint research published by Springer

Children’s Interactions Within a Virtual Reality Environment for Learning Chemistry

  • Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe
  • Margrethe Moxnes
  • Marie Ristesund
  • Derek Woodgate

Conference paper

The Science of Foresight – Future of mobile learning

Our President, Derek Woodgate is back teaching a new group of Grad students in the ICT department of the Engineering and Science Faculty at The University of Adger in Grimstad, Norway. This is the 5th year and 8th Semester that Derek has been teaching courses at UiA. The Masters courses have covered both the Future of mobile learning and the future of multimedia and they require the students to undertake a thorough grounding in the Science of Foresight.


Livestock and climate change

We have just completed a project on the future impact of climate change on livestock and vice versa.


Transformative spaces and future materials

Recently completed a project for a global client on the future of materials and transformative spaces. Very exciting areas of development, especially in nano and AI.

The Futures Lab, Inc.

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